unbuilt | san diego . ca | 2010

This unbuilt project explores the role of a house and its landscape.  Could a house be better than an object surrounded by  lawn?  Could a house and its landscape exist more directly than a simple window or threshold?  Could a house be more than a big window to a view?

The three ways of architecture engages landscape are:

  • encompass (object and landscape)
  • enclose (object surrounds landscape)
  • immerse (landscape within object

In immersion, the house was broken apart into simple volumes.  The volumes act as pavilions, shifted to invite the landscape in, and to frame the views out.

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sancuate spa

December 17, 2011

  in construction | 2011 | San Diego . CA | with associate architect Jared Bradley AIA To capture the qualities of tranquility and calmness, the architecture of Sancuate Spa takes inspiration from ancient monasteries and timeless building forms.  Using varied-width vaulted ceilings, each treatment room is unique experience, allowing clients to pick their “environment” […]

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garden studio

December 13, 2011

design in process | 2011 | east austin . tx a backyard creative space for a couple.  it is an architecture of linkage, like that of a chain, two mutual parts locked together, free to move in action. his a man-cave for all things oily and loud, hers a quiet light-filled printing studio.

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New Chapter

October 5, 2011

Thank you to visitors, friends and family for the support for the last 2 years. This week brings incredible change, and this site will no longer be updated as is.  Beginning in November, this will become my portfolio. On Monday, I now officially work for one of Austin’s best architects, Michael Hsu.  Beyond the gratuity, […]

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lyndon construction – week 17

July 14, 2011

Tile is starting being installed and grouted in the guest bathroom & children’s bathroom.  Look at the excellent tile alignment and precision cutting by contractor, John Munoz.   Pictured above is DAL TILE’s Keystone 1″ Hex in colors Biscuit & Pool.   To coordinate with the toilet & bath tub, we went with a white grout […]

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lyndon construction – week 16

June 29, 2011

june 28 . 2011 An update: things are happening just not as quickly as imagined.  Phase 1 is wrapping up, but the contractor is about 6 weeks behind schedule.  Someone wiser than me once said: “You can have it cheaper, faster or better.  Pick two. Only two.” He was right. So time fell to the […]

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lyndon construction – week 14

June 19, 2011

week 14 of construction and drywall has started.  the house is changing quick and the finishes are showing up.  exciting!

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AMOA Installation w/Studio 512 + AREA-ER

May 16, 2011

may 16 . 2011 | Good Design Stories : Herman Miller @ the Austin Museum of Art Nicole from Studio 512 & I picked out these Abet Laminati colors to use for the forthcoming Herman Miller exhibit at the Austin Museum of Art.  Cross your fingers, I hope the laminate arrives today!  

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lyndon construction- week 9

May 8, 2011

week 9 | construction visit Flew back to San Diego to see the house’s 50% mark.  We’re 5 weeks from scheduled completion and its going to be a push to make the June 15th date.  The Fleetwood windows look beautiful, Pete Pelletier did an incredible job measuring and with the installation.  His company’s website is […]

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hideaway house

May 2, 2011

      2011 HP Design By Many Competition | PassiveHouse for Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, LA Competition Website 1000 SF 2-bedroom / 1.5 bath @ near PassiveHouse Standards problem The German PassiveHaus was engineered for a heating climate, to modify it for the hot-humid climate of New Orleans it presents these major design […]

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