Known for his design rigor, Scott Magic believes that good design comes from good collaboration and keeping things simple.  Scott prides himself on taking complex criteria and distilling it into a spacious livable design.  Finding the simplest solution that addresses all of the criteria is the goal of every project.

To maximize value for his clients, services a taylor-fit for every project.  For some its a bathroom remodel and for others a far larger project. Regardless of scale, every project is approached with the same intensity with the goal of creating a strong, evocative work of architecture.

Differing from most Architects, Scott is also a developer.  As a developer, his goal is to make Austin a better city, through community-based design and imaginative green housing solutions at a lower cost than comparable properties.  For well designed housing should be available to all people, at every income level in all communities.  The model is to increase the number of affordable apartments through well designed small-scale apartment buildings throughout the City of Austin.  By doing such, it offers a new housing model and lifestyle to those who may not be able to afford home ownership.

Scott & his wife moved to Austin in early 2011.  He is a licensed architect in the State of Texas, a member of the AIA &  holds a National Council of Architectural Registration Boards certificate.  He is new member to AIA Austin & the Austin Energy Green Building program.